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world food Day 16 October
world food Day 16 October

World Food Day is celebrated annually throughout the world on 16th October. It s a yearly event in the honor of the starting date of the Food and also Agriculture Organization launched by the United Nations in the year 1945. Globe Food Day is popular widely with great enthusiasm by numerous other organizations which are interested in food security such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the World Food Program, and also others.


World Food Day 2019 will certainly be commemorated around the world on 16th of October, Wednesday.


World Food Day (WFD) was developed by the member nations of FAO (Food and also Agriculture Organization) in November 1979, at the organization s 20th General Conference. Dr. Pal Romany, the Hungarian Delegation led by the after that Minister of Hungary for Agriculture and Food, played a considerable duty at the 20th General Conference of the FAO and suggested the concept of releasing the WFD worldwide. Ever since, the WFD is been observed in greater than 150 nations yearly; raising consciousness and expertise of the problems as well as reasons behind hunger and also destitution.


The major reason behind introducing and commemorating world food day is to safeguard and also progress the food safety across the world, particularly in days of the dilemma. The commencement of the Food and Agriculture company by the United Nations has played a considerable role in making this feasible as well as completing the objective.

The yearly event of globe food day represent the value of the Food and Agriculture Organization; it additionally aids in increasing recognition of the essential requirement for effective agriculture and food plans to be carried out by federal governments across the globe to make sure there suffices food readily available for everybody worldwide.


World Food Day was developed in honor of the founding date of the Food as well as Agriculture Organization of the United Nations released in 1945. Now it is likewise thought about as Food Engineers Day. In India, the day marks the relevance of farming as well as stresses on the fact that the created and taken in by the Indians is risk-free and healthy and balanced.

The globe food day is celebrated with great interest in India; a number of genuine lovers of food in Delhi joined hands as well as swore to maintain their food hygienic and risk-free. They opposed the intro of GM (genetically modified) plants in India. Individuals in Delhi commemorate the occasion at Craft gallery of Dastakar Mela; they make rangoli and perform street plays and also acts on the matter of genetic alteration.

world food Day 16 October
world food Day 16 October

In India, World Food Day is the event, whereby numerous non-voluntary organizations highlight the importance of eating healthy food as well as avoiding rapid food in city India. Volunteers also present street plays requiring public assessment on BRAI (Biotechnology governing Authority of India) costs. It is just one of the largest risks to our food security as it is being suggested to promote the intro of Genetically Modified crops in India.

India is a vast country with diverse society as well as custom. The practice varies from state to state and different events are commemorated in various styles in each state, yet food is the typical element at every celebration. Varieties of food products obtain prepared, eaten and distributed among the friends and families as routines. Marriage is also one of one of the most important celebrations for Indians and also various food items get prepared and also remaining gets thrown away.

Such families may protect extra food and also disperse the same to the bad and clingy ones; this will certainly make a great deal of distinction as no food would certainly obtain lost and also starving may be fed. Personal business and also Government organizations might run a plan where a certain portion of salary obtain subtracted from those workers who willingly wish to donate for the food bank and also such loan accumulated may be made use of at the times of all-natural catastrophes, disasters, etc

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. Focus on Different Aspects

In the previous few years, World Food Day has actually been making use of the annual party as a system to focus on various other aspects of farming and food safety such as biodiversity, environment adjustment, and also fishing areas.

Since 1981, World Food Day began embracing different celebration style each year for highlighting common areas of concerns which required attention and action. The mass of such financial investment need to come from the private field as well as public investment for advertising agriculture and mitigate the trouble related to food as well as cravings such as deficiency of food, etc.

world food Day 16 October
world food Day 16 October

The theme of World Food Day 2017: Change the future of movement. Purchase food protection and country growth.
The theme of World Food Day 2016: Climate modification: Climate is changing, Food and also farming have to also.
The style of World Food Day 2015: Social Protection as well as Agriculture: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty.
The theme of World Food Day 2014: Family Farming: Feeding the globe, taking care of the planet.
The style of World Food Day 2013: Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and also Nutrition.
The style of World Food Day 2012: Agricultural cooperatives essential to feeding the globe.
The theme of World Food Day 2011: Food rates from situation to stability.
The motif of World Food Day 2010: United versus cravings.
The style of World Food Day 2009: Achieving food security in times of crisis.
The style of World Food Day 2008: World food protection: the challenges of environment adjustment and also bioenergy.
The theme of World Food Day 2007: The right to food.
The style of World Food Day 2006: Investing in agriculture for food protection.
The motif of World Food Day 2005: Agriculture as well as intercultural dialogue.
The style of World Food Day 2004: Biodiversity for food security.
The theme of World Food Day 2003: Working with each other for a worldwide alliance against cravings.
The theme of World Food Day 2002: Water: resource of food safety and security.
The theme of World Food Day 2001: Fight appetite to decrease poverty.
The motif of World Food Day 2000: A millennium devoid of cravings.
The motif of World Food Day 1999: Youth against cravings.
The style of World Food Day 1998: Women feed the globe.
The style of World Food Day 1997: Investing in food protection.
The style of World Food Day 1996: Fighting hunger and lack of nutrition.
The motif of World Food Day 1995: Food for all.
The theme of World Food Day 1994: Water forever.
The style of World Food Day 1993: Harvesting nature s variety.
The theme of World Food Day 1992: Food as well as Nutrition.
The theme of World Food Day 1991: Trees forever.
The motif of World Food Day 1990: Food for the future.
The motif of World Food Day 1989: Food and the atmosphere.
The style of World Food Day 1988: Rural youth.
The motif of World Food Day 1987: Small farmers.
The theme of World Food Day 1986: Fishermen as well as fishing neighborhoods.
The style of World Food Day 1985: Rural hardship.
The motif of World Food Day 1984: Women in agriculture.
The motif of World Food Day 1983: Food Security.
The theme of World Food Day 1982: Food comes.
The theme of World Food Day 1981: Food comes.

World Food Day is celebrated with various events throughout the world. A few of the examples of occasions kept in recent years throughout the world are as follows:

The United States of America

World Food Day has been a custom in the United States ever because it was developed for the very first time in the year 1981. In the United States, this great job is sponsored by roughly by 450 exclusive, national and also voluntary organizations. Different events are been arranged at these organizations; among such remarkable instances for the event is the World Food Day Sunday Dinners sponsored by Oxfam America in association with several other non-profit companies.

Writer Francis Moore Lappe as well as Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu have coordinated with Oxfam America for promoting World Food Day Sunday Dinners. The Iowa Hunger Summit was held given that 2007 around World Food Day; it has actually been organized by the World Food Prize in association with their yearly seminar in Des Moines, Iowa.

The United Kingdom

Each year FareShare celebrates World Food Day marking the importance of conserving food as well as eliminating food wastefulness. FareShare is a charity company established to eliminate hunger from the life of clingy individuals. The organization targets at lowering food hardship and also decreasing food waste in the UK. Fareshare does this by maintaining surplus food of high quality which would otherwise have been lost; the charity sends such food to over 2000 different charities and also areas across the United Kingdom for additional distribution among the bad people.

Elimination of imbalance in between cravings as well as food waste is at the facility of FareShare s job. Via World Food Day, Fareshare encourages everyone to recognize that people having sufficient food to eat and affects everyone to do something about it and help those people that do not have sufficient food to eat. There are several poor individuals in the UK that need to fret about their following dish.

Food saved with Fareshare gets to the much less blessed females, males and also children that are the targets of natural catastrophe, incidents, war professionals, targets of residential violence. Fareshare additionally helps people living listed below the destitution line, homeless individuals, people battling against drug and also alcohol addiction, older people struggling with isolation, as well as low income individuals who battle daily to set up food.


On the World Food Day, Spanish television obtains active with the broadcasting events. Spanish football celebrity as well as the Goodwill Ambassador of FAO, Raul has taken part in several events and also has actually helped in highlighting food-security concerns throughout his country. In Germany, Food and Agriculture Ministry, Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, etc get included via interview.

In Italy, various NGOs, global agencies, research institutes, universities, as well as ministries have organized numerous meetings, exhibits and also seminar. In 2005, the Ministry of Agriculture as well as Forestry Policies in Italy arranged a meeting that concentrated on the civil liberties of the females in country locations.

The UK Food Group has actually likewise continued to be energetic with media broadcasts and conferences. Hungary commemorates World Food Day by inviting distinguished professionals to deliver presentations in the Hungarian Agricultural Museum and also Food and also Agriculture Organization and World Food Day awards have been given to renowned Hungarian experts by the Sub-Regional representative of the FAO. Different activities are kept in the climbing economic situations of the Eastern Europe consisting of nations such as Slovak Republic, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Hungary, Georgia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Armenia and Albania.


Australia commemorates World Food Day to help needy people combat hunger. Throughout World Food Day as well as the days around it, numerous Australians take component in Eat Local Feed Global arranged by Oxfam.

Yearly on the With World Food Day, a number of Oxfam supporters get ready for the Eat Local Feed Global feast as well as tasks with the goal to help individuals fight appetite and also hardship overseas. Eat Local Feed Global is held for boosting awareness about discrimination in the food system around the world and also raise cash for life transforming job done by Oxfam.


In Canada, the greatest World Food Day occasion is celebrated in Langley, British Columbia prepared by society Food for Famine (FFF). FFF is a humanitarian culture intended to save the lives of those youngsters that are under 5 years old struggling with SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition).

Each year on the World Food Day, Canada hosts several world-famous audio speakers and opens up the door to various exhibitors. Numerous people join the movement and also take pleasure in a comprehensive as well as revitalizing expertise on different topics consisting of new development in farming, efforts related to solving destitution and world hunger as well as much more concerns connected to food safety and security and healthy eating. Individuals delight in free lunch as well as different other tasks.


The Mentor Amiable Professional Society, a Society popularly called MAPS in Pakistan commemorates WFD by using food bundles to bad & clingy people; the culture likewise discusses to the people importance of food and also its protection through numerous food workshops.

Cyprus makes the children additionally conscious of the significance of food safety and security by organizing special celebrations in colleges including key as well as additional, where instructors educate the significance of World Food Day to the youngsters.

Bangladesh Government has been associated with celebrating World Food Day by organizing food celebrations. In 2005, World Food Day was commemorated in China with great passion; food event was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in Qujing City, where countless ethnical minorities live. Many local individuals took part in the food event as well as a variety of senior Government authorities, NGOs as well as organizations.

The Afghani representatives of embassies, Ministries, International Financial Organizations, National as well as International NGOs, UN firms as well as the personnel of FAO have attended the World Food Day ceremony kept in Afghanistan.

In order to celebrate the WFD in the Democratic People s Republic of Korea, different seminars have been held as well as various job sites have actually been checked out. In Indonesia, the Ministry of Agriculture has actually arranged a major Food Expo in West Java and also Bandung; in Bali, a Farmers and also Fishermen s conference with NGOs was organized.

In Armenia, WFD has actually been celebrated by various neighborhoods including Governmental and non-governmental; team from the Ministry of Agriculture, Armenian State Agriculture University, non-governmental companies, global companies, the donor area and also the information media have actually joined the World Food Day awareness.


The Ministry of Food and also Agriculture, Ghana has organized a food safety and security conference and Namibia has run an awareness program through nationwide media.

Angola celebrated World Food Day with the 4th Forum on Rural Women in 2005; in Burundi, the second Vice-President noted the occasion by growing potatoes to give a symbolic instance regarding the manufacturing of food. The President of the Central African Republic ushered in a bridge at Boda in the honor of the World Food Day; this promoted the farming production location conveniently reachable.

Egypt has arranged a debate and also discussion on nutrition problems. Tunisia and also Morocco have organized events as well as workshops. The public as well as numerous organizations in Nigeria got associated with feeding programs such as Foodbank Nigeria in order to link with community-based companies, stakeholders in food manufacturing, dealers as well as agro-allied markets for resolving food protection challenges.

North Nigeria is unpredictable considering that 2009. According to AAH (Action versus Hunger), the altruistic organization established in Nigeria, the continuous and increased altruistic crisis in Northeast Nigeria has actually resulted right into misplacement of around 1.5 million people; it likewise created around 4 million individuals to deal with severe food insecurity and need the assistance of Action Against Hunger. Since 2010, the AAH has been collaborating with the nationwide firms as well as local areas to build food ability in order to battle the dangerous malnutrition caused by food insecurity.

Countless individuals in Chad have participated in conferences, discussions and tasks including individual dance, movies, theater; the task sites have likewise been checked out by the compatriots and numerous farming companies.

Latin America.

Argentina additionally celebrates WFD where elderly executives of the Government, worldwide organizations, academics, as well as the media have actually taken part in the major event. A National Campaign for Mexico without Hunger was held in 2005 in Mexico in order to mark WFD; the function was gotten involved and supported by many trainees as well as civil society.

Uruguayan coin was devoted to the WFD in 1981. Different neighborhood neighborhoods in Chile arranged exhibitions of aboriginal food items to mark WFD.

In Venezuela, national protection of all occasions is hung on the WFD.

In Cuba, food manufacturers are given opportunity on the WFD to exchange experiences as well as sights at a farming fair organized on the WFD. Journalism also sustains recognition projects on World Food Day to make people aware of the food and also food security.


Although, farming is highly important and also among the major motive power in the economic situations of various developing countries, this important market is commonly starved of financial investment. In details, the international help to agriculture has actually revealed amazing declines in the past 20 years. Food and its security are of utmost significance to every country worldwide.

Government organizations and the personal institutes have to join hands for organizing events, arguments, discussion, etc on the World Food Day for making general individuals knowledgeable about the safety and security of the food in days of situation and value of farming to expand adequate food. Globe Food Day is the most effective system for producing such understanding.

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