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C से Start होने वाले फुल फॉर्म | A TO Z FULL FORM PART 3


 A TO Z FULL FORM PART 3  :  C से Start होने वाले फुल फॉर्म  इस पोस्ट में हम ऐसी फुल फॉर्म को देखेंगे जो C से प्रारंभ हो।


COMPUTER —- C-Common O-Operating M-Machine P-Purposely U-Used for T-Technological and E-Educational R-Research
CV —- Curriculum Vitae 
CDS —- Combined Defence Services
CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education
CAA — Citizenship amendment act
CA —- Chartered Accountant.
CEO —- Chief Executive Officer
CAB — Citizenship Amendment Bill
CAD —- Computer Aided Design
CCA — City Compensatory Allowance
CCE — Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation
CCI — Competition Commission of India
CCP — critical control point
CCV — Card verification value
CDS — Combined Defence Services
CDPO — Child Development Project Officer
CDM — Cash Deposit Machine
CDMA — Code Division Multiple Access
CET — Common Entrance Test
CTET —- Central Teacher Eligibility Test
CGL —Combined Graduate Level Exam
CHEMISTRY —— Carbon Hydrogen Metals Elements Sorting Testing Reacting Yielding
CAT — Common Admission Test
CBT — Computer-based training
CBI — Central Bureau of Investigation
CBS —Core Banking Solution
CBDT — Central Board of Direct Taxes
CBC — complete blood count
CBCT — Cone beam computed tomography
CCTV — Closed Circuit Television
CAS — Column Address Signal
CD — Compact Disk
CDR — Compact Disk Recorder
CDRW — Compact Disk ReWriter
CD-ROM —- Compact Disk – Read Only Memory
CFM —- Cubic Feet per Minute
CMOS —- Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CAD —- Computer-Aided Design
CPU —– Central Processing Unit
CTX — CTX Technology Corporation
CAD — Computer Aided Design
CAM — Computer Aided Manufacturing
CABI —– Center for Advanced Brain Imaging
COBOL —- Common Business Oriented Language
CPU — Central Processing Unit
CU —- Control Unit
CCD —- Charged Coupled Device
CDFS —- Compact Disc File System
CMOS —- Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CA —- Cricket Australia
CA —- Chromatic Aberration
CA — Certificate Authority
CNR —- Communication Network Riser
CABG —- Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
COM1 — Communication Port 1
CAB —- Citizenship Amendment Bill
CABI — Cricket Association for the Blind
CPU —– Central Processing Unit
CABG —– Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
CABI —- Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux International
CRIMM —- Continuity-Rambus Inline Memory Module
CRT — Cathode-Ray Tube
CAA — Citizenship (Amendment) Act

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